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Wedding Photographer Bucharest

Wedding Photographer Bucharest – This is how any future bride starts looking for a professional wedding photographer in Bucharest on the search engines. You inevitably ran into our website, otherwise you would not have read this text. 🙂

My name is Constantin Antochi, I am a wedding photographer, baptism photographer, family photographer, corporate photographer in Bucharest and I created Antochi Photography out of passion. We have more than 15 years experience in the event photography.

Our values

Relaxed, Natural, Elegant, Authentic, Editorial, Documentary. These qualities perfectly describe our style and guide our passion towards a result that perfectly fits the personality of the couple.

Creativity, Experience, Imagination and Flexibility are our strengths.

All this for your comfort throughout our collaboration. You will have a collection of photographs, just the way you wished. A beautiful wedding story whose value will increase each year, displayed in a high-quality album.


Welcome to the website of the...


Wedding photography has been part of my life for more than 15 years. At the beginning, I photographed some fairy-tale weddings in Bucharest at the insistence of some friends aware of my passion for photography and my perfectionist nature. I approached the events by focusing on wedding photojournalism, a style that I still consider as the basis for a wedding photographer. Only this way you can capture the naturalness and the sincere emotions that people show when they are not aware that they are being photographed.

I quickly came to the conclusion that the equipment is just a tool, just like the pen for a writer. Of course, it’s important to have high-performance equipment but still, this will not be able to replace experience. When the wedding photography in Romania was still in the early stages, I took courses and attended workshops with the world’s best wedding photographers. They did this to a realm of art.

Fashion and tradition in wedding photography

Where can you better highlight a wedding dress if not in a photo shoot after the wedding? After I started publishing photos taken at Trash the Dress or Love the Dress sessions, as I like to call them, I received more and more requests. The trend of those studio photos had passed and, unfortunately, those in which the groom was holding the bride, in the background, became popular. Since then I’ve started to be regarded as an international wedding photographer who happens to speak Romanian.

I had the freedom of artistic expression and the support of the bride and groom who were far from the stress of time and the nerves of their wedding day. My style became more complex and the final pictures combined traditional wedding photography with fashion. I started to organize wedding photography workshops alongside those, who not long ago, I admired. Most clients wondered why I did not leave the country.

Wedding photographer Bucharest

I am Constantin Antochi, wedding photographer in Bucharest. I love what I do. For me photography is a continuous adventure. One that took me to beautiful places where I had wonderful experiences with special people.

I’m based in Bucharest but I traveled up and down the country to photograph weddings and baptisms. I had clients who asked me to go to Belgium, England, Switzerland, Greece, Lithuania and a few other countries. In my country, there are also couples who tell me that a big wedding is waiting for me. The answer is always the same: I photographed a sea of people at a traditional wedding in Cyprus, where there were around 2,000 guests. Several villages.

It has been a privilege to take a closer look at the traditions of so many different places and a joy to make so many new friends, from the couples to the photographers with whom I carried out plenty of projects.

My mission as a wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer means you can convey the emotions and feelings of the protagonists through images. Those unique frames and new situations that only a professional photographer can capture. Everything comes from inside. I’ve developed my own recipe in which the beauty of the wedding or family portraits are harmoniously complemented by the authentic emotions of the moment. With its help I paint the carousel of emotions and the atmosphere of the wedding day.

I will capture the most beautiful memories for you. You just have to give me a vote of confidence to accomplish this goal. My mission is to create a unique collection of photos whose value will increase as time goes by.

I think I’ve told you enough about me, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.Thank you for your virtual visit and I invite you to browse the pages of Antochi Photography.


Bucharest Wedding Photographer


We are open to any kind of collaboration with magazines, web portals, creative agencies, anything close to the wonderful world of photography and art. If you are interested, please text us HERE.