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About us


At the beginning, it was my story and it started 15 years ago.

Since 2009, my story has turned into our story. We share the same values, the same principles and one mission: YOUR STORY written with emotion, light and color by US, the Antochi Photography team.

The Creator


Constantin Antochi, the creator of Antochi Photography, is perfectionist by definition, sociable and full of life. He feels best when surrounded by people. Hopelessly in love with Vladimir, his son and his beautiful wife, Carmen.

Tic, as his friends call him, generates smiles and tears and turns any moment into an unforgettable story.

The Wife


Carmen is the cheerful engine of the Antochi Photography team, smiley and full of energy, she helps us to be as organized as possible. We do our best to support her but also to listen to her.

She has a long experience in advertising and marketing, she is a full-time mother and wife, and her main aspiration as a photographer is: perfecting her photography skills. For her, every day is a new challenge.

The Charming


Marius, photographer in the Antochi Photography team, is rational and organized.

The first contact with Antochi Photography was at his own wedding, seven years ago.

The emotions captured during an event are the ones that motivate him and help him feel comfortable.

The Bear


Doesn’t say much and most of the time he is joking. He enjoys people and life and his eyes sparkle when it comes to cars and motorcycles. Photography came into his life as a profession when he was a law student. Then it turned into passion.

He thinks that event photography without snapshots is like a wedding without music.


We have the most beauuuuuuutiful memories, Tic was able to capture the most important things: our emotion and our love. Extraordinary ideas, attention to detail, perfection, professionalism, everything superlative. I'm really glad we chose Antochi Photography for our wedding, I have the most beautiful pictures possible. Waiting for baptism nooooow! :))) I highly and warmly recommend them to everybody!



When I look at the wedding album I realize I made the best choice. I relive those happy moments and my smile comes back to my lips. The Antochi Photography team captured the emotion and happiness on the most beautiful day of our lives.

I also chose them for the "Love the dress" session. The moments spent with them at this session are memorable. We had so much fun, we were so relaxed in their presence and this is reflected in the beautiful photos.
Tic and Carmen, thank you and love you!



From our point of view, the photos made by the Antochi team are pure art. We fell in love at first sight with their style and that's why we wanted them to be with us the most important moment of our couple life. The results were great! And the "Love the dress" session together with Tic and Carmen was the cherry on top of the cake and also one of our funniest memories.
They are the perfect team and we look forward to the next moment when we will turn to them.