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Workshop de fotografie de nunta in Spania sustinut de Constantin Antochi

I was invited to run a photography workshop, obviously in Murcia, Spain. Sun, warmth, color and beautiful landscapes. Who would not want such an escape, especially when at home the cold starts to get in your bones and winter knocks on the door. Well, I went there but not just for fun and relaxation.

It was a big responsibility since I was invited by Antonio Serrano Ballester, the son of Matfoto’s founder and also because this workshop is organized each year in the memory of his father, who founded this business.

I got there excited and a little bit nervous. I wanted everything to go flawless. I was looking around and seeing perfect frames, I was coming up with ideas, creating concepts and frameworks. At the beginning, I thought we would get to work straightaway but, hospitable by nature, Antonio walked me all over the city and filled me with all kind of good things, making me feel just like home.

A successful wedding photography workshop

However, I was getting more and more nervous. I was very impatient to get started, to highlight my work, to also show the others what I can do. It was also hard, you know! We first met in a conference room at the Matfoto Company. Spanish photographers were not easy to read, they came from another culture, they spoke Spanish rather than English and their expectations could be intuited and at best discovered.

It was a special moment that confirmed my belief that there is a universal language through which you can communicate with anyone, regardless of their language or origin. It is the language of emotions and connection, of imagination and spontaneity and last but not least of sharing and total involvement in what you do. That’s the way we’ve managed to turn the photo session, in the center of Murcia, into a real success and an unforgettable experience for all the participants despite the quite austere conditions: strong sun, 29 degrees heat, hours of lunch.

Technique helped me to have a different approach. With Profoto’s A1 and B2 flashes, we’ve faced the situation with flying colors and the pictures speak for themselves. We walked through those beautiful streets, among the imposing old buildings, full of history, we played with the lights and shadows that flooded the square, so the novel of the day showed up without calling for it.

How to create unique moments with 2 euros

An accordionist who was singing his hitswas the cherry on top of the cake. It was exactly “the ultimate touch” if I can say so. I gave the man 2 euros to be part of our show and he did not say no. I managed to create a moment that spread across the square at Murcia Cathedral, and the effect was one that I did not even expect. The cool vibe of those present, the delight of the protagonists in the frame, the overflowing energy of the bride and the accordionist were pure magic. I am 100% convinced that those present at the workshop will not soon forget this experience.

Workshops by ANTOCHI Photography! Creating the natural moments. The one and the only!!!

Posted by Constantin Antochi on 25 Octombrie 2017


Well, so much effort of imagination and creativity was followed by a well-deserved meal break and then we returned to evaluate our work. In the second part of the seminar we selected the most successful photos, edited them, talked about albums, online marketing and finally, to end the experience, we all gathered at a group photo.

I hope you enjoyed my little story about this wedding photography workshop in Spain. Don’t leave already! You have some photos to check out!

 Mireasa zambind - Close up, black&white realizat la Murcia, Spania, de Antochi Photography la un workshop de fotografie

grup de fotografi imortalizeaza din umbra modelul prezent la un Workshop Antochi Photography

Fotografie alb-negru in care un acordeonist canta in fata unei mirese langa o catedrala din Murcia, Spania

O mireasa in prim plan si un grup de turisti la o poza de grup in fata catedralei din centrul Murciei in Spania

Fotografie cu o mireasa la un workshop de fotografie, in Spania